Dog Walking Melbourne

Dog Walking Melbourne

At Paws & Claws, we understand the diverse needs of your canine companions, which is why we specialise in both private and group dog walking in Melbourne. For those opting for group walks, rest assured that we prioritize safety and compatibility. We require all participating dogs to have their C5 vaccination up-to-date, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

In Melbourne, dog walking with us means your pet’s safety is always our top priority. Please note, however, that availability for group walks depends on several factors including location, time, and the mix of dogs. We organize a preliminary meet and greet to discuss these details and ensure the best fit for your furry friend.

We at Paws & Claws, leaders in dog walking in Melbourne, exercise your dogs off-lead only with your explicit permission and after you have signed our ‘Off-lead disclaimer’. Building a trusting relationship with your dog and assessing their recall skills is a step we take before granting them this freedom.

We recognize that not all dogs are suited for energetic walks. For those in Melbourne needing dog walking services for pets that are elderly, injured, or simply prefer the comfort of their home, Paws & Claws offers home visits. We provide companionship and care when you’re away at work. Additionally, our home boarding services ensure your dog receives round-the-clock attention and care.


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